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Guajú’s River Bar

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County: Baia Formosa - RN
Vila do Sagi

The encounter of Guaju’s river clear waters with the sea, besides admirable to the eyes, offers, on a silver platter, a sweet bath, amidst the sea air; serves as a dividing and historic line between the states of Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte.
The river gained strategic importance and was included on the Colony’s geographic map, in 1611, when its course was defined as limit between the newly-created captaincies of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba.
The measure was another attempt from the Portuguese to control their territory by land concession. They did not accomplish that.
In 1630, the Dutch invaded the Northeast coast once again, that time, successfully. They came through Pernambuco’s coast and stablished themselves, finding few resistance pockets. Guaju’s River Bar, that divides Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, offers a sweet bathe, amidst the sea air. On the location, a small ferry transports vehicles between both states, and it is possible to make a tyrolean traverse of 80 meters. The Rio Grande do Norte side houses the charming Sagi Village. Colorful sea water shares space and attention with the exposed sandstone corals, in the foreground, as giant rock platforms, on low tide.


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